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Aimee老師記得在初中一年級的時候,自願在家附近教導孩子們,每週六和周日都有課程進行。在課堂上,老師會唱歌和講故事。Aimee老師也有進行過有關英文閱讀的教學課程,帶領了 10 位學生,免費公益提供。 到了2020年,Aimee在一所私立學校擔任全職教師,在那裡帶領小學生,並兼職擔任家庭 ESL 生活英文老師,在那裡Aimee老師可以處理英文初學者到高級學生的問題。

Aimee老師的興趣愛好包括看電影、寫詩和讀書。Aimee老師也喜歡新事物,喜歡書法和繪畫,以及老師真的很喜歡旅行,也喜歡公路旅行。Aimee老師英文教學專長適用於成人英文和年輕學習者。Aimee老師在向英文初學者教授 Phonics 英文發音方面有很多相關經驗。Aimee老師同時也是教授英文高階學生學習有關旅行英語、面試英語、經典英語會話以及雅思英文的專家。老師在上課喜歡自由對話,英文會話主題包括旅行、食物、教育、家庭等等。






” Hi. My name is Teacher Aimee, a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education major in General Education and now I am already a Licensed Professional Teacher. I am also certified to teach English as Second Language.

My name is Aimee Grace Rizardo, 22 years old from Philippines, and currently residing in Polomolok, South Cotabato, a land of promise and pineapple capital of Philippines.

I am majored in Education batch 2019. I graduated from one of the prestigious Universities in our region which is Mindanao State University. It is really my passion to teach ever since I was young, I remember when I was in my First year of Junior High, I volunteered to teach children in one area near our place. We conducted our class every Saturday and Sunday. In that class, we do singing and storytelling. I am also handling a tutorial class about reading here. I’ve got 10 students and we do this for free.

In the year 2020, I worked as a full-time Teacher in one of the Private School in my place, where I handle elementary students. I am also working part-time as a Home-based ESL teacher, there I got to handle beginners to advanced students.

My hobbies include, watching movies, writing poems, and reading books. I am fond of doing new things, as well, like doing calligraphy and painting. I really like to travel and do road trip, too.

My expertise in teaching is both for adults and young learners. I have a lot of relevant experiences teaching Phonics to beginner students. I am an expert in teaching advanced students learning Travel English, Interview English, Classic English Conversations as well as IELTS. I enjoy having free talk conversations, with topics about travel, food, education, family and many more.

Teaching English is one of the things I enjoy the most. It gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge and be able to know the culture of others, because I believe that building a strong connection to the students is one of the keys to keep the lesson interesting to them.

Everyone can learn English and speak English with fun. My goal is to help my students achieve their greatest potentials to speak the English language with confidence to convey their feelings to the world. There’s no better feeling than to know your students improving.

See you in my class! 


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