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Hello!I’m Analee. Studied as bachelor of arts in English. Worked in an airline company for almost 5 years and experienced in a call center industry for almost 9 yrs.

Handling a lot of individuals has made me a strong person in a sense that I consider people has a lot of differences that I should deal with in a subtle way. Been exposed to a very stressful job that widens my patience and persistence in handling a lot of situation that i could not imagine to solve. In someway, it made me tough as a person. I am an online teacher for 2 years to Chinese and Japanese students. Knowing them is very diverse as i may consider but it was so challenging on my part.

I am a very flexible person. I can get along to anybody that I meet. I am very sociable. One things unique in me is im a friendly person, sweet and very accommodating. I can create an environment that makes you calm and easy in learning in english in a fun way. I have all the positivities in life. Because I believe that life too short not to be better not to get bitter. Enjoy every single day of our lives.

Hope to see you in my class. Have a nice day!

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