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YesOnline線上英文老師 Elaine,在成為線上英文老師前在政府機構任職,並且在自家的齒模製作公司擔任助理。

疫情爆發後,英文老師 Elaine開始教導兒童英文及成人英文,自此愛上了線上英文老師這份工作,因為她認為這是一份可以教學相長,非常有趣且高尚的職務。

英文老師 Elaine 更享受在教授不同的英文學習對象時,需要因材施教,例如:教授兒童英文時,就需要想辦法吸取孩子的注意力,並且在英文課程主題上下功夫,讓她感到挑戰,卻也充滿樂趣。


現在就讓我們跟英文老師 Elaine老師一起開啟這趟學習旅程吧!




“Hello, good afternoon, I am teacher Elaine, a widow, with 3 children, 2 boys and a girl. A resident of Sta. Barbara, Iloilo, Philippines.

Before I became an Online tutor, I worked as a clerk/typist in a government office, that’s City Engineer’s Office. I was the one prepairing the pre-and post-repair inspection reports of government vehicles.

After that, I assisted my father in our Dental Laboratory for 2 years. Then, I decided to be an Online Tutor. For how many years I’ve worked in an office, then I went free lancing.

The time there’s pandemic . I taught a lot of kids and adults. It’s so nice to teach because in teaching, I also learned a lot, it is a noble profession.

Every day is a learning process. I see to it that my class won’t be boring, and the students and I also have a lot of fun.

For kids, as a teacher, I have to catch their attention. Good topics and props are needed. As a teacher online, I will do my very best, so that the students will learn more. So, I welcome you in my class.

Have a great day! Thank you so much! 


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