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Hi! My name is Catherine Jean but you can also call me Jeen. I studied Computer Hardware and Servicing NC II at Yllana Educational Scholarship.

I am a former English tutor in Acadsoc for almost 2 years, I also attended some training before and also have a TESOL Certificate which means I am qualified to teach kids and even adults. I like teaching because I can help my students to learn more in English specially the pronunciation and also help them to be more comfortable and relax during class, that’s why I always try to have some short freetalks with them.

When it comes to hobbies and interest, I like doing sports such as badminton and I also like eating, although I don’t know how to cook but I always try my best to learn cooking, I like drinking coffee watching movies such as horror films, I don’t know why but it’s kind of interesting for me. I like music and playing piano too, I’m also interested in books.

My teaching style is very dynamic because I want my students to be more comfortable and relax, so that is why I try my best to have a short free talk with them so they can have fun while having classes.

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