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Hi, This is Trixie, a native English teacher from New Zealand with 5 years of dedicated experience.

My philosophy is to teach you the most comprehensive and updated context in English that would surely change your life.

On Yes Online, I specialise in special courses such as IELTS, TOEIC, PTE, CLIL, and exam preparation, honing skills and strategies crucial for success.

My passion lies in facilitating language proficiency and guiding students through targeted approaches tailored to their needs.

👉 Here’s what your class would look like.

📕For our English class, I plan special lessons just for you. 🫶

📖 First, I’ll see how good you are at English to know how to help you best.
✅️ Then, I’ll make lessons that are fun and helpful for getting better at speaking, listening, reading, and writing, as well as special exams. We’ll use different things like videos, stories, games, and books to learn together.

Our class will be about talking, working together, and practicing alone too. I want you to feel good speaking English, so we’ll do lots of talking! I’ll also ask what you think about our lessons so I can make them better for you.

I’ll change our lessons if needed to help you more. My goal is to help you like English and get better at it every time we have class!

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